10 Things about Cape town

Here is a short list of some of the things that stood out for us during our visit to Cape Town.

  • There are extreme differences between rich and poor, level of education, and living standards.
  • “Now” in Norway means “right now”. In South Africa “now” is more relative.
  • Bars for Norwegians are associated with prison. Bars for South Africans are associated with security.
  • In Norway, we go for a walk because we feel like it. In South Africa you only go for a walk if you have a reason to.
  • It’s not safe to walk outside alone, especially after dark. In the evening, people stay inside the restaurant until their uber stands outside of the entrance. 
  • People who have to walk, take the shortest route even along or crossing large highways.
  • Physiotherapy in the intensive care unit is part of the curriculum in South Africa because they have so many severely injured patients.
  • Homeless people make tents anywhere to live/sleep. And they hang up the laundry on walls, trees and everywhere.
  • The Table mountain greeted us with the tablecloth the first day. It is visible from nearly everywhere in Cape Town. 
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