Somethings about me – Luana

Hi guys!

My name is Luana, I’m 22 years old and I’m in the third year of the physiotherapy course at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, three years of love for the profession.My certainty that I made the right choice of career area increases every day.The Brazilians arrived a little late in the project, but I believe we will still have a lot of exchange of nice experiences, about the health system and about what the physiotherapy students face there. 

they say that the best people to describe us are those who live with us daily, but I hope you will be content with my self-description, which can be summed up in: 1.60 meters of pure excitement.I live with friends, study most part of the time, I like to run, read and dance forró in my free time, I usually admire our natural beauty and wish the Amazonia to resist. 

Why physiotherapy? Because it is a profession that requires a lot of effort, reasoning, study, creativity, empathy and human contact, a real contemporary challenge and I love feeling challenged! I love neurorehabilitation, I admire musculoskeletal physiotherapy and I find cardiorespiratory vital and that women’s health physiotherapy is essential. Pediatric physiotherapy? For me there is nothing like it.

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