Hands of Healing: Physiotherapy Students Support Two Oceans Marathon Runners

Cape Town was abuzz with energy and excitement as athletes from around the globe gathered for the prestigious Two Oceans Marathon. As competitors prepared to tackle the gruelling course, an exceptional team of physiotherapy students from our university stepped up to support the runners. These dedicated individuals volunteered their time and skills to ensure the athletes remained strong and healthy throughout the race.

In the days leading up to the event, the students set up a massage station near the registration area, offering their services to runners looking for relief from pre-race tension and anxiety. Utilizing their knowledge of muscle anatomy and recovery techniques, the students expertly targeted vital muscle groups, helping to prevent cramps and injuries while promoting overall relaxation.

The physiotherapy students were stationed at various checkpoints along the route during the race, providing on-the-spot treatment for needy runners. Their expertise in assessing and managing common running injuries, such as shin splints, muscle strains, and joint pain, proved invaluable as they worked tirelessly to keep athletes in top form. The student’s commitment to the well-being of the participants was evident in the appreciative smiles and expressions of gratitude from the runners.

In addition to their hands-on support, the physiotherapy students shared valuable advice on proper stretching, warm-up routines, and post-race recovery strategies. This guidance empowered the marathon participants to take charge of their physical health, ensuring they could enjoy the race to the fullest.

The Two Oceans Marathon was an exceptional opportunity for our physiotherapy students to put their training into practice, demonstrating their professionalism, skill, and dedication to helping others. Their hard work contributed to the event’s success and served as a testament to the quality of our university’s physiotherapy program.

As we reflect on this incredible experience, we applaud the efforts of our physiotherapy students and the positive impact they had on the Two Oceans Marathon. Their dedication to promoting health and well-being inspires us all and is a testament to the bright future of the physiotherapy profession.

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