We have a strong postgraduate research programme in the Physiotherapy Department, accepting students from all over Africa with the aim of developing them as academics in order to strengthen the profession across the continent.

The Department of Physiotherapy has a high research output, with staff members publishing regularly in both local and international journals, and presenting at conferences all over the world. We aim to produce research that has a high impact on driving the profession forward, as well as improving patient care in the health system. We also actively include our undergraduate students in research projects that are registered by staff members, exposing them to real-world research at the boundaries of our understanding of the world.

Staff in the department of physiotherapy are actively engaged in a variety of research projects in a diverse range of high-level domains, including community-based rehabilitation, neuroscience, chronic diseases of lifestyle, and clinical education. We currently have the following active projects in progress.

Physiotherapy education in Norway, South Africa and Brazil: Collaborative online learning

The perceptions of physiotherapists on artificial intelligence in clinical practice

Lower limb amputation in South Africa: Steps towards prevention

Prosthetic service delivery in under-resourced settings in developing countries

Utilising the European Quality of Life – 5 Dimensions survey in the Western Cape Province

Evaluating the impact of lower limb prosthetic interventions

Sexuality and intimacy following spinal cord injury in South Africa

Developing cultural competence in undergraduate physiotherapy students in South Africa and Sweden

The International Spinal Cord Injury Community Survey

Improving health systems for Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: An investigation of processes and outcomes

Objective physical activity monitoring in people with stroke living in Stockholm, Sweden

The development of a health care decision-making model to improve survival of persons with traumatic spinal cord injuries

Adaptation and validation of the Reason for Change (SA-R4C) instrument among physiotherapy students

Physiotherapy education in the 21st century: Practice informed by demands of population health

Perceived value of care among spinal cord injury patients at a specialised spinal cord injury unit within Cape Town, South Africa.

Clinical prediction rules (CPRs) in the management of patients with spinal cord injuries: a systematic scoping review

The upsurge in the use of clinical prediction models in general medical practice is a result of evidence-based practice. However, the total […]

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Adaptation and implementation of acute care clinical guidelines in the management of traumatic spinal cord injuries (tSCI) for the South African context

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