Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is a student body within the official departmental structure at UWC. As such, we encourage SRC representation at our quarterly staff meetings and invite comments from them on departmental matters.

2023 UWC Physiotherapy SRC

Robyn du Plessis
4th year
I thoroughly enjoy hiking and fishing, and I am happiest next to a campfire.

2021 UWC Physiotherapy SRC

Leila Christensen, PSRC Chairperson, 4th year 

Leila grew up in a small town in Mpumalanga on a farm. After school, she spent a year overseas, travelling and working, then moved back to Cape Town. Leila loves being outdoors and plays Squash in the Cape Town league. She has a passion for helping people succeed and reach their full potential. As a council, we can help the Physiotherapy undergraduate students feel more at ease during these difficult times. 

Kefuwe Khomoatsana, PSRC Vice-chairperson, 3rd year. 

Kefuwe grew up in Bloemfontein, Free State, which can be described as the ‘city of roses’ or its Sesotho name, Mangaung, which translates to ‘the place of cheetahs’. Kefuwe enjoys being outdoors, reading science-fiction books, and cooking in her spare time. 

Qhamani Sonkononkono, Social Media Rep, 2nd Year.

Qhamani was born and bred in Mdantsane, Eastern Cape. She is a ray of sunshine and always puts on her best smile. She has a massive heart and loves being part of a community. We rise by lifting others. If she can’t put her heart into something, she won’t find herself doing it. She is insanely passionate about functional movements. She enjoys training and pushing her body limitlessly. She loves beaches and nature reserves; they help her stay connected and in tune with herself.

Belle Isaacs. Transformation Officer, 4th year.

Belle grew up in Kimberley, Northern Cape, known as the City of Diamonds. Belle enjoys looking for improvement in all places she finds herself, and last but not least, she enjoys city life just as much as being in nature. 

Sabrina Mitchell, Treasurer, 4th year 

Sabrina was born and raised in Cape Town. She spent her first year after school studying Medical Bioscience in the science faculty at UWC. After completing her first year, she transferred to Physiotherapy and never looked back. Sabrina enjoys hiking, cooking and spending quality time with family.  

Micaela Ashlique Alsemgeest, SASP representative, 4th year.
Micaela was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Micaela has a passion for hockey and plays and coaches hockey in her free time. She also has a passion for marine animals and has been volunteering for years at the Two Oceans aquarium in their turtle rehabilitation centre. 

Zoya Raubenheimer, Sports representative, 3rd year.

Zoya grew up in Durbanville, Cape Town. She grew up next to the rugby field, and that is where her passion for rugby started. Zoya enjoys spending time with friends and family even though she does not spend a lot of time with them since she works part-time at a wine farm.

Amber Lee Isaacs, Events Representative, 3rd year.

Amber was born and raised in a town known as Hawston, 15km outside Hermanus, the whale watching capital. She enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. If Amber is not at home, you will find her lazing around at the beach.

Robyn du Plessis, Secretary, 2nd Year

Robyn grew up in Cape Town. After school, she spent a year working in hospitals in ICU and Maternity wards, then decided to study at bible college. After that, Robyn completed her first year of Physiotherapy but was unable to complete her degree due to circumstances. Robyn qualified as a wedding and events coordinator and worked in the film to save up to return to UWC. She is thrilled to be back studying Physiotherapy finally. Robyn loves being in nature, hiking and climbing and enjoys camping and chasing the sunrise.

2019 UWC Physiotherapy SRC

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