Yu Tak Wing


Tak Wing was born in China and the immirgrated here when he was seven years old, basically South African. He is an Associate Lecture in the Physiotherapy department at the University of the Western Cape. He completed his undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy 2013 and then worked as a clinician at Tygerberg Hospital for 2014. Tak Wing then completed his Master’s Degree while working at the Physiotherapy department.

Tak Wing is also a Western Province badminton player, representing Western Province in both the Melville Cup and the South Africa Chinese Sports Association tournament since 2016. He was ranked 675 internationally from the Badminton World Federation Men’s Doubles in 2016

Cape Town International Chinese School Teachers

Community Outreach:
Tak Wing is also very involved in the Chinese Community in Cape Town, on Saturday he provides his times to service the Cape Town international Chinese School which has over 200 learners.

Black Pearl Orphans in Cape Town

And let’s not forget our local community! Tak Wing also does community outreach in Gugulethu. Where he assist with the Chinese Community to provide shelter and other essentials for the Orphans in the poor communities in Cape Town.

Tak Wing using VR

Research profile:
His research interests include learning and teaching with the use of technology, clinical education, and virtual reality technology.

Tak Wing definitely has a passion for technology, and he wishes to integrate he’s a hobby with his work. So in 2019, he registered for his Ph.D. which will be in the field of Virtual Reality and Physiotherapy.

VR is definitely going to be the next big thing if it is not already!

Private Practice:
Tak Wing has a registered private practice that he runs adjacent to his lecturing. You can even google it!


+27 21 959 2708

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