Prof Rowe presents at the SAAHE conference

Prof Michael Rowe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of the Western Cape (South Africa). He conducts research into the use of digital technologies in the classroom and their influence on teacher and student relationships as part of teaching and learning practice. His PhD evaluated the use of technology-mediated practices for clinical education and led to the development of design principles for blended learning environments in the health professions. His current research interests include the role of critical pedagogy in practice, as well as the increasing potential of artificial intelligence in higher and professional education. He is the editor of OpenPhysio, an open-access journal with a focus on physiotherapy education, which aims to challenge traditional assumptions about academic publication and research dissemination. He is also the co-founder of In Beta, an international community of practice that aims to initiate conversations around the practice-based experiences of physiotherapy educators from around the world. Prof Michael Rowe presents on the topic “Physiotherapy clinicians’ perspectives on the introduction of AI into clinical practice” at the 2021 SAAHE virtual conference! The research that Prof Rowe is doing will be groundbreaking. Please feel free to read more here and blog here.

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