A musician physiotherapy student

Luke Peters started playing the trombone in 2009 whilst in Germany when he was in Grade 5. He subsequently joined the school band and excelled in trombone, recorder, and piano as well. During his free time, Luke practices a variety of different instruments but still manages to ensure that this does not negatively affect his studies. He was invited to be a member of the Golden Key Society, which recognises the achievements of the top 15% of students in each year level across the university.

Luke is currently a third-year Physiotherapy student, having joined the University of the Western Cape in 2018. He was elected to be the first- and second-year class representative, which meant taking on additional responsibilities on top of his studying.

This video was taken at one of the concerts of the New Apostolic Church Port Elizabeth Orchestra and Choir.

This post is part of a series where we explore and highlight our students’ capabilities and potential, not only in the field of Physiotherapy but in other aspects as well. Luke Peters is definitely one of them and we would like to know more about other, yet to be identified, exceptional talents in our programme.

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