Physiotherapy Students Vaccination (May 2021):

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Besides the staff getting vaccinated, our students were also vaccinated. Prof Waggie and Ms Gamiet coordinated this movement to get our fourth-year students (currently in clinical blocks) to be vaccinated at Tygerberg Hospital. The Physiotherapy students safety is the departments top priority; besides the vaccination, students underwent a donning and doffing workshop last year to […]

Learning to learn by Prof Rowe

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During the public holiday, 16 June 2021, Prof Rowe gave an interesting workshop to Physiotherapy students “Learning to learn”. Prof Rowe has an interest in healthcare, education and technology. During this workshop, Prof Rowe spoke about how to manage your time effectively, what type of studying method promotes productivity. If you wish you know more, […]

Keegan Hunt the all rounder student

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Keegan Hunt, a graduate from the Physiotherapy department, Community and Health Science Faculty. While she was studying, she worked part-time, studied physiotherapy and played Hockey for UWC Sports. Below is a message from Keegan: My name is Keegan Hunt.  I graduated from UWC in 2020 with a BSC (Hons) in Physiotherapy.  I’m currently doing my community […]

Welcome First years of 2021!

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On the 12th March 10h00, the Physiotherapy department hosted a welcoming online meeting where staff and student met. There was a total of 63 participants online, unfortunately, some staff and students were unable to connect because of other arrangements or connection issues. Due to the Pandemic, this wonderful ceremony was done online, in other years […]

Sprinter, model, dancer and student

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Chelsea Samuel, a third-year physiotherapy students, jugging between being a top athlete, model, dancer and a four-year Physiotherapy degree. Chelsea has been showing her dance moves to the local community since the age of three. Through her dancing journey, she is now part of a team called Basic Black, which in terms, has won the […]

St Andrew’s College Rhodes Scholar-Elect For 2021: Jemma Mary Houghton

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Ms Jemma Mary Houghton, Physiotherapy Department, University of the Western Cape graduate, was awarded St Andrew’s College Rhodes Scholar-elect for 2021. Jemma was one of our top students graduating with Summa Cum Laude in 2019, she then completed her community services at Butterworth Hospital, which is a rural hospital in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. […]

Third years are back!

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COVID-19 has put us off for quite some time, but it’s about time we start returning to our normal lives. On the 15th of October, half of the third year class returned to the University of the Western Cape – Bellville Medical Campus for Personal protective equipment (PPE) training. It has been seven months since […]