Ms Jemma Houghton and her studies at Oxford University

Jemma Houghton

Ms Jemma Houghton send the department an update on her studies at Oxford University! Ms Houghton was accepted into Oxford University in London. It is always great to hear from our graduates, especially when they are achieving!

Ms Jemma Houghton is now based in London and has been working there for the last three months. Below was her message to the department:

It was absolutely surreal to walk these streets and know that I will be starting in a couple of weeks. I reflected on my time at UWC and the staff and department that is behind me, thank you for all your support and effort in helping me reach this point.

Below are photos of Ms Houghton at the Bodleian library in Radcliffe Square, the Bridge of Sighs and her colleague. We wish you all the best in your studies! We, and UWC, cannot be more proud of you! Respice Prospice!

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