2nd year students visit Cheshire Home

As part of the introduction to clinical practice module (PHT110), second-year students from UWC spend half a day with residents at the Cheshire Home in Athlone. Students spend their time talking to residents about the challenges and experiences of living with their disabilities and the impact that it makes on their quality of life. At this stage in the undergraduate programme, students are not actively managing patients and are simply trying to get a sense of what it feels like to spend time in a clinical facility.

Students used their time at the facility to practice their interviewing skills, and in some cases, assist residents to achieve some objective, for example, moving from a lying to sitting position, or transferring into a wheelchair. Students are accompanied by lecturers from the university, who work with small groups of students to help them link their classroom-based theory with the actual practice of clinical work.

The second-year students enjoyed the visit to the home, not only did they get to practice what they were learning in clinical practice, but also they were able to bond with their fellow classmates.

Well done to all of the second-year students on their first clinical visit. We wish you all the best for the rest of your clinical experiences.

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