Exercise day at the CHS faculty

Last week the UWC Physiotherapy Student Representative Council (SRC) hosted a Physiotherapy Exercise Day at the Bellville Medical Campus on Friday 4th October for the CHS Faculty staff and students. This was the first event that was initiated, planned and implemented by the newly formed SRC and was a great success.

The event was aimed at creating awareness of exercise by providing examples of simple exercises and stretches that can be done in homes or offices, all without equipment. Physiotherapy students helped teach the participants the correct techniques and the benefits of regularly doing the exercises and stretches. There were 6 stations where participants needed to learn the exercise from a physiotherapy student at each station and then demonstrate how to do it correctly. If all 6 stations were performed correctly, participants were then offered a neck and shoulder massage.

Among the Physiotherapy students who attended, there was also a small competition for the SASP Physiotherapy Hamper, where students had to perform a set of more challenging exercises where the first to finish won! The event was also attended by some CHS staff who made their way through the stations laughing and left relaxed after their massages. It was a great way for the different student cohorts to connect and learn from one each other. The Physiotherapy students enjoyed themselves and left with some SASP merchandise.

Thank you to Jemma Houghton, Chairperson of the SRC committee, for this summary, as well as Umesh Bawa for his photos on the day.

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