Keegan Hunt the all rounder student

Keegan Hunt, a graduate from the Physiotherapy department, Community and Health Science Faculty. While she was studying, she worked part-time, studied physiotherapy and played Hockey for UWC Sports.

Below is a message from Keegan:

My name is Keegan Hunt.  I graduated from UWC in 2020 with a BSC (Hons) in Physiotherapy.  I’m currently doing my community service at two Military Hospital in Wynberg. I am fortunate to still be in the Western Cape as our province’s beauty is unmatched; however, I miss my classmates, but to see them making an immense impact all over our country is heart-warming. I have an absolute passion for the sport. I play tennis for the premier league for Milnerton tennis club. I played hockey for the UWC ladies, the first team from 2018-2020 and captained the side in 2019 and 2020. I’m currently still playing for the UWC ladies first side. In 2019, I was awarded Academic Achiever at the UWC sports awards and the most consistent hockey player at the end of the 2019 season. Although some found it a bit crazy to play as much sport as I did while studying for my undergraduate degree, however, I found that playing sport helped me to stay grounded and allowed me time to clear my mind as a degree in the medical field can be quite demanding especially from an emotional perspective. One needs to set aside time for themselves, their family and their hobbies while studying. There needs to be a balance between studies and social life, if I can call it that – the life outside of the UWC gates basically, lol.

My interests lie in sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, as well as high-performance training. I thoroughly enjoy paediatric physiotherapy in a rehabilitation setting as opposed to an acute setting. I am very active, so on my “off days”, which are few and far between because when you’re no longer a student, you cannot take off days as you please lol, you’ll find me playing or coaching tennis, hockey, running, in the gym and spending time with friends or family. I am an avid reader, and I love to journal, so you’ll find me doing that on an off or regular working day.

I’ve completed numerous courses this year, and I still plan to do so. Community service, I believe, is a year to grow and gain as much knowledge as you can. Gosh, but who knew the price of cheese was so expensive? Being an adult and earning your salary has been incredible and a learning experience, that’s for sure. ? However, this year it isn’t solely about completing courses; it’s about engaging with current physiotherapists out there to gain experience and knowledge. Social media is a great way to connect with colleagues. We need “to make physio great again” – stolen from one of my mentors as there are too many stereotypes about our profession, so we need to inform and educate to the best of our ability. NO, WE ARE NOT MASSAGE THERAPISTS. Our role in the global pandemic has often been swept under the carpet, but treating COVID patients and working in the frontline has been extremely tough; I can only imagine what it was like when the pandemic first arrived. I have immense respect for our healthcare workers!

I interned for the UWC men’s football team in 2019-2020, which was a fantastic experience, and I advise students to get involved in the sports intern program if their interests lie in sports physiotherapy. I am currently doing my Pilates instructor course, which I’m thoroughly enjoying as I believe mobility, strength and control are fundamental for injury prevention and longevity. The future is uncertain. After all, we are still in a global pandemic. However, I hope to further my studies in years to come as I believe we are lifetime students as physiotherapists. One of our most excellent tools is education, so we have to keep up to date with the current research and literature to ensure we provide the best level of care to our patients.

Keegan, the Physiotherapy department of UWC cannot be more proud of all your achievements, and we believe you will continue making us proud. All the best for your future!

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